Nicola’s Story

I’m so lucky to come from a supportive family and a very “ordinary” childhood – whatever that means – with no skeletons in the closet in that respect.

In my adult life, several events have occurred which have been devastating, traumatic and ultimately changed who I am. From a friend brutally killed after a fight went too far, to another lost to suicide, to supporting someone through a significant mental health crisis. At times I felt adrift and felt like I was just about treading water, along with those who went through the events personally.

I’ve always had a passion, an innate need, to help people - sometimes to a fault! So when Verity mentioned her idea to me, I jumped at the chance to be part of something that would genuinely help people find support needed quickly in their time of need.

We’ve created a hub, a platform, a home for those answers/support/help to enable people to get through their tough times with credible resources.

The list and our scope is always growing and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.