Membership Agreement

After The Storm is about connection. We connect those who provide help with those who need it. To do that, we want to ensure that everyone adheres to clear rules of engagement to create a space of mutual respect and professionalism.

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to create an agreement between our businesses. It covers the duties and responsibilities of After The Storm and the member during the course of their agreement, with a shared purpose of providing quality support solutions to our service users.

By applying to become a member of After The Storm, you are agreeing to accept the terms of this Membership Agreement and our Privacy Policy.

Please read this Agreement and Terms & Conditions carefully.

If you have any questions on the terms of your membership, please email us at:




“Service Provider Membership” – means membership services provided by After The Storm Partnership Limited as set out on our website and in this contract.

“ATS Website” means any website or service designed for electronic access by mobile or fixed devices which is owned or operated by us. It includes all web pages controlled by us.

“Services” means all of the services available from After The Storm or via Membership, whether free or charged.

“Member” means an approved independent service provider

“Users” – Members of the public or businesses who use After The Storm and associated services.



Service Provider Membership entitles you to the services as set out in our Membership Structure .

There is a minimum membership term of 12 months, this cannot be cancelled, no fees will be returned.

The price payable for After The Storm membership is set out in the Membership Structure. Prices are inclusive of any applicable VAT.  Any changes to membership fees will only ever occur at your annual renewal and be applied with your consent.

At the end of your first year you will be invited to list again and choose your Membership Type, we may add different membership types over time, however we guarantee to always provide the our Forever Free membership which you can revert to if you choose.  You will never be put on a rolling charge, and we will only ever charge you with your consent.

Should you choose to revert to the Forever Free membership, any blog content that you have contributed in the previous year will remain in the articles section of the Website and will always be acknowledged as your material.  If you do not wish this to be the case, please send us notice of this via email to

You will pay your membership fee via the After the Storm site.   If you do not pass the promise then a refund will be given.

Once payment is confirmed you will be added to our service provider directory and your profile page will be made live.

We reserve the right to amend our annual membership fee at any time.

You may not transfer your Membership to any other person / organisation

After the Storm membership may not cover some other  services, for example hosting of events which would be by a single payment.

We reserve the right to modify the After the Storm membership terms  and to change the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time, without notice. Your continued use of the After the Storm  after such modifications shall be taken as your acceptance.


Should you choose to terminate your agreement before your first 12 months is up, there will be no fees returned.  Similarly if we have to terminate your agreement no refund of fees will be given.

Termination by either party shall have the following effects:-

  • Your right to use or be represented on After The Storm ceases immediately; and
  • You will be removed from any network channels.
  • We are under no obligation to promote you or refer Users to you.
  • You should remove all references to After The Storm from your business activities.

The following behaviors are  a non-exhaustive list of examples that could lead to possible termination of this agreement:

  • Anything which may damage the brand of After The Storm including but not limited to: Poor service, illegal or immoral behaviour
  • Inappropriate behaviour at events held by the After The Storm;
  • Inappropriate content posted on our or your social media sites;
  • Inappropriate spamming of other members or users and hard selling; and/or
  • Assigning membership to anyone else.

We retain the right, at our sole discretion, to terminate any and all parts of the Services provided to you, without refunding to you any fees paid if we decide in our absolute discretion that you have failed to comply with any of the terms of this Membership Agreement and Privacy Policy.