The Smear Campaign

Key Facts from Cervical Screening Programme England 2019-20 show that 27.8% of women eligible for Cervical Screening didn’t not get their Smear Test. One man from Birmingham is looking to change this.

When Verity, our Founder commented on a picture of a man with a bike in her home town on Linkedin, she was completely unaware of his circumstances and what he was going through.  This chance meeting with Chris Hopkins, a brummie guy living in Bilston with his 9 year old son Lewis has led to We are After the Storm supporting Chris with a cause very close to his heart – The Smear Campaign.

Lewis’s mother Marie sadly lost her life to terminal cancer in January this year.  She had been up to date with her Smear tests but she knew something wasn’t right and fought to get the doctors to take notice.  She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in early 2020 and found out on 25th September last year that her cancer was terminal and passed away just 4 months later.
Chris wanted to create a positive legacy in memory of Marie so had launched Marie’s Challenge before Marie passed away and the event is due to take place in September this year.  However Chris didn’t feel that was enough, he began researching Smear testing and reading up on everything he could, and started The Smear Campaign, and is currently registering it as a Charity.  

The purpose of the Smear Campaign is to continue to raise awareness of the importance of Smear testing in the hope that it can save anymore children and families being devastated by the loss of a mother, wife or daughter.  It will also provide a hardship fund for families effected to support with utility bills and funeral expenses.  And will also be home to Marie’s Wish a grant that can be used to grant a terminal patients last wish.

The number of woman tested to last year decreased 6.8% from the previous year so lets get the message out and continue shouting about the importance of Smear testing.




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