Hormones are all the rage.

Kay Littlehales, Founder at Tipi Talks shares her insight into how she copes with the turbulent time of perimenopause, oh and did we mention it's rather funny?

The guy behind the Waitrose checkout handed me my bags over, as I blew down my top to cool down this sudden heat that appeared from nowhere. I have lived in Thailand, and I must say it felt like I was stuck in a vacuum of humidity, far worse than Bangkok.

As I stepped on to the pavement, I was exposed to the city hum, birds tweeting and a little bit of sunshine was creeping through those Manchester clouds. I fecking love Manchester, although my move here wasn’t a deliberate choice, more so, I needed a job over twelve years ago. Bastard recessions!

I suddenly felt back to normal, my temperature was more stable, and I popped my coat back on, as I’d peeled it away from the body heat earlier, whilst choosing ripe avocados and Pak Choi. I wondered if was flushed, so I rummaged into my bag to look through one of my many mirrors. Nope, no flushed cheeks, just a chubbier face from lockdown excuses to go and visit the fridge.

I headed towards Spring Gardens to send off my newly designed brochure of trainer notes for my clients. I wondered if anyone else was feeling warm, as I searched the streets for other people removing their jackets. That’s a no then, just me. Why was I feeling so weird and warm. 

The post office was baking, by the time the overly polite lady had served me, I was ready to pass out. Later that night I called my mum to tell her how I was feeling. She began to laugh, as empathy isn't her middle name. She means well!

This is what she told me. “Have the Dr’s tested your hormones love?"  She’s been suggesting this for some time. I end the call, feeling frustrated, even weepy. Why was I weepy. 

Some 12 months later, I am still having hot flushes, in winter, when you're all wearing your cool, Zara teddy coat. I don’t look flushed, but I certainly feel it. My sleeping pattern is becoming better, with the odd night of sexy insomnia. When friends start to suggest; " Have you tried Evening Primrose, or St Johns" you actually want to shout.. "Yes, its a bag of crap". But, you hold those words back and say, "Thanks for caring". They also mean well.

So, here’s my take on how to deal hormone imbalances and the menopause. Your workplace are better to know about it, so you can laugh at the weird experiences together. Don't be ashamed about it, speak up sisters!

Mind fog Matters

The only way that you can deal with brain fog is to, firstly, admit that you have it. Go to Deepak Chopra’s youtube and the ASMR, whispering Red channels every day for just 15 minutes, sit by yourself, and light nag champa (if possible) buy an Anjou, fill that bastard delightful gadget with shit loads of amazing scents and pretend you’re in Thailand. Don’t say you’ll do it, just do it!. 

Laugh every day. Every god damn day

Make sure that you laugh every day. Laughing releases endorphins, the bodies natural feel good chemicals. They promote a more relaxed and balanced vibe, even if it's temporary. Scientists suggest it prevents some pains, and we have kind of lost our sense of humour during the pan bloody demic, haven't we? I swear a lot, but research also suggests, that its a sign of fecking intelligence.


Now, I don't want to state the obvious, but, all I'll say of it is, just get up and do it. The hardest part is leaving the house, try not to exercise at home if possible. Or, a mixture of outdoors and indoors.

Chronotype- Know your bodies rhythm

I'm a big Dan Pink fan, and I've read all of his books, he really does know what he's talking about. A recent survey I conducted, suggested that over 70% of us are night owls, which means that our serotonin levels will not be all singing and dancing first thing, so make sure you're working on your tasks and critical thinking at the time of day you're most alert. For me, that's between 10- 3. I know my own body, you know yours. Be kind to yourself and don't work silly hours, like I do, it only makes you more irritable.

Horse shoes are good

Treat your girlfriends like gold dust, look after one another. Be kind to yourself, and allow others into your circle, when you meet fellow women's women. We need one another. So, the horse shoe represents a gap for others and for yourself. Say no, with grace, not apologies.

Happy flushes ladies

Kay Littlehales is the Founder at Tipi Talks- Building a trusted training and coaching business with forward thinking partners, not adverse to changing their habits and hybrid approaches.

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