Dad Wrote Us A Letter

This week I’ve been reminded that looking after a house and its contents is not an easy job and needs continuous industry to keep it functional. Our washing machine filter needed cleaning, the toilet valve needed fixing, the shower stopped working and the gutter has started leaking. Basically, without constant repair and upkeep the house would soon fall into disrepair and chaos would reign.

I believe that our lives are a bit like this and there are certain fundamentals that we need to adhere to if we are to keep everything in working order and avoid chaos and calamity. Perhaps if we are consistent and do the right things often enough, when the storms of life come crashing down upon us with all the force and devastation that they can inflict, we can come through the other side. Sometimes battered and bruised but still standing and capable of carrying on.

When you have children you want the best for them and you want to help them grow and develop in the best possible way.  I decided that my children  might enjoy and hopefully find useful some of their Dad’s “lessons in life”. I like to think I’ve always been quite a positive person, but positive thinking alone is not enough to give a level of immunity and resilience when life’s hardships come knocking on the door. So I set to thinking about some of the key attributes and truths (that may be too strong a word) that I think will help shield them from any burning missiles that are sent their way in life.

Enthusiastically, I started writing them a collection of letters which had the following headings:

Failure (Will be your best teacher);

Be Proactive (Don’t look for excuses);

Positivity and Goal Setting (Make your own sunshine);

Teamwork (No-one can whistle their own symphony);

Loneliness (pick up the phone and come around);

Control (you are the captain of your own ship);

Development (get better at stuff);

Integrity (try to be good);

Have a purpose (what’s it all about);

Financial Freedom (make money work for you);

Responsibility (make your own bed);

Take Some Risks (no-one gets out of this alive!);

Be a Sovereign Individual (if you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs).

In the letters I have included personal stories from my own experience and the wisdom of others that I’ve been told about, or read about, on my own personal journey through life. Thankfully the letters were well received by my three children and on reading the letters my wife suggested that they would make quite a good self-help book (for want of a better word). So that was that, my book was born: “Dad Wrote Us a Letter!”

What would I get from the book? I hear you asking. Well, I think it can offer people different things for different stages of life. For the teenager or young adult, some ideas on how to put things together and build something amazing with all their time and potential. For adults, I think a reminder of your own power and potential, some encouraging words for those who are feeling lost or in low mood or a cheerleader for the great things you have already achieved and for what you will achieve in the future.

All in all, I suppose the book is about consistency; life doesn’t always seem fair (and it’s not) but if you keep doing the right things, often enough for long enough then things will work out okay. That doesn’t mean happiness is ever present but having a life that is purposeful and useful and makes the world a little better can certainly be achieved. So, Make sure you keep your own house in order and it will keep you warm and dry when the weather is bad.

Simon Whitmore


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