Christmas Survival Series: Get your eating pants on!

Learning the balance between enjoying the festivities but not totally derailing all your health and fitness goals in a matter of hours is tricky! Here are the After the Storm top ten tips for being able to put the eating pants away after Christmas Day!

For some people this time of year can be difficult to navigate the fitness landscape and a year of great intentions can be undone in a matter of weeks. 

Given the challenges this year, the thought of  more over indulgence this festive period may fill you with dread. 

However there is no need to beat yourself up if you throw caution to the wind and go head first into the box of celebrations.

Christmas will be different this year as some of us still wont get to see loved ones, however on silver lining to the waist line is we’ve all been robbed of lots of Christmas parties, leaving a little bit extra room in the eating pants this year... To make this easier without feeling deprived the team at After The Storm wanted to share some hints and tips to help you keep on track with fitness, make mindful choices and support with any fitness goals you may have set yourself.

10 tips to keep you fit over Christmas 2020

  • Get moving! Languishing on the sofa is definitely a Christmas tradition but don't forget to throw on your biggest coat, boots and get outside for a long walk with the family 
  • Indulge...a little. You’re going to eat the mince pie, probably some chocolate and let’s be honest, probably have a little vino to see in the new year. Factor it in. After this year everyone deserves a treat or two but stick to a little taste rather than going overboard, if you do dive right in, do it for just the odd meal or day and then it’s much easier to manage. 
  • Got a fitness routine you already follow? Make time for it. Do that run. Head to the gym. Enjoy some you time in what be a chaotic couple of weeks 
  • Stay hydrated. Thirst can feel like hunger and when there are piles of not-so-health treats lying around this little trick will help you make healthier choices 
  • Make for space for rest. It’s been a hell of year so carve out some time for down-time and you’ll feel the benefits into the new year
  • Multi-task - Catching up with old friends or family? Suggest a walk and turn it into a time for moving your body. The endorphins will flow along with the conversation!
  • Be an early bird - Use the time everyone else is sleeping to get your workout done early then you’re free to enjoy the rest of your day
  • Balance your plate - Christmas can be veg-filled! Make sure your plate is too to keep your immune system top notch, if a third of your plate is veg-filled, it’ll fill you up for many less calories, still leaving space for a taste of the cheese, stuffing and all the trimmings.
  • Look out for signs of stress - Stress makes us more likely to reach for the less healthy option. If you notice stressful emotions creeping in, take notice then take action. Practice some breathing techniques, do some yoga or go on a mindful walk to help you relax 
  • Curb the booze - Hangovers can play havoc with the food choices we make so take it easy on the alcohol to avoid a day of relentless sugar cravings and feeling rough, that said if you have a day of quaffing champers (or in my case probably prosecco) see all of the above to help!

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