Christmas Survival Guide: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

Christmas was well and truly underway this year with a festive, glitter filled big bang around mid-November to brighten our outlook, thanks to Covid. Then in true 2020 style the added blow of tier changes and limiting social mixing to just one day have set us reeling!

 If you were planning on spending Christmas with family or friends, your plans may have been thrown into disarray or you will be lucky enough to make the most of a lovely, cosy time with dozens of mince pies, turkey sandwiches and chocolates from the tree (or maybe that’s just The Green’s tradition!).

Either way, whilst time with the family is more important than ever this year, there is still a very good chance that at some point, they’re just going to annoy you. And that’s ok. This year, After The Storm have combined our many years of wisdom to bring a Family Christmas survival guide! 

It is a fact that things are going to be very different but the old niggles may well surface, patience will wear thin, conversations may throw up some less than kind words as due to unusual circumstances we find ourselves in, so we’ve compiled 5 ways to help things run more smoothly.

Create some space – Being cooped up in the house for the majority of the day isn’t normal. Until this year. Embrace what the pandemic has taught us and get out for a walk. It’s cold, probably raining but changing your state, getting the heart rate up and seeking out some nature will help with any annoyances or loneliness you may be feeling.

Reach out – You might be in the house, but technology has saved the day this year. Book a zoom or video call with your app of choice with another family group or call a friend for a change of mental scenery, this is especially key for those of us whose plans have been turned upside down.

Don’t let boredom creep in! - Read a book, bake something, play cards. Plan your time so that you can relax and recharge but have activities to keep you and more importantly your family busy,  This is another ideal time to invite those who can’t be with you to join the fun, host virtual bakeoff’s, host that quiz, virtual karaoke is practically a must!!

Avoid politics/religion/anti-vaxxers at all costs! The less said about these the better 

Make the most of it - We only have 1 day of slight relaxation of the rules so make the most of it, put negative energy behind you and be grateful for all you have.  So many of us have suffered loss this year, for some its loss of loved ones, for other loss of jobs and for all of us loss of your life before the ‘rona’ took hold. 

Let's all become embrace the mantra of the Marines this Christmas: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

This year will be a year unlike any other. Be true to yourself and it’ll be one to remember for all the right reasons

If you’re facing Christmas alone this year, you can find resources at After the Storm to help and support you. AgeUK and Samaritans are really useful.

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