Christmas Survival Guide: 6 quick tips to top up your mental wellbeing

Here are our After the Storm 6 quick tips that will help to keep your mental wellbeing tip top over the festive season


  •  Try not to compare - It’s very easy to get drawn into the competitive world of Social media. Who has the naughtiest elf on the shelf. Who has the best Christmas tree. Who is happiest. It’s probably staged. They’re probably arguing like the rest of us and probably over cooked the turkey just a little. Put your phone down. Connect with your family and friends and enjoy Christmas IRL.
  • Perfection is the enemy of “good” - Real talk. Perfect doesn’t exist. Before the festivities begin, try talking to those you are celebrating with and agree a game plan of what will happen. If you’re on the same page, there’s less likely to be fraught decisions about who sits where, what time Christmas dinner is served or what games you might play on Christmas night. Make sure you include everyone’s “good” in the plan to reduce the disagreements your might normally face 
  • Stay active - Your mental health with thank you for taking a winter walk, sneaking in a yoga session or trying something seasonal like ice skating 
  • Eat well - Eat the mince pie but don’t forget to pile your plate high with vegetables at meal time. You are what you eat and healthy food is so helpful in keeping your mind fit too. Balance will see you right all the way through to new year 
  • Drink well - Hydrate yourself. Our bodies are 80% water and when we’re dehydrated, it can bring on lower moods and negative feelings. Alcohol also causes dehydration so indulge a little but ensure to keep yourself topped up with good old water throughout the holidays 
  • Be kind - Christmas can be intense. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed or maybe the self-talk turns slightly more negative, listen to your mind and body and take time to be kind to yourself. Whether that’s taking yourself away for an hour, having some alone time or calling a friend make sure you do what’s needed to keep your mental health on track 

If you’re facing a Christmas alone and are looking for support. Get in touch here: Age UK | The UK's leading charity helping every older person who needs us 

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