About Us

Who We Are

We are After the Storm, your go to place for finding the right services and support you need to help you through all the challenges and life lessons that might come your way.

We are about CONNECTION:

  • Connecting Individuals to services and resources that can support them through times of growth, difficulty or personal change.
  • Providing a platform for Service Providers to connect with the individuals they are looking to support.
  • Through engaging and informative content we bring people to our site to share in the insight, gain the motivation, inspiration and support they need.

So many people continue on in isolation when a life changing event happens, they are unsure of where to turn, what help is credible and whether they can trust the information found on the internet.  They might not even know that there is support available for what they are experiencing.  There are people who really want to change the circumstances they find themselves in and want to understand the best way to go about it, whether a change in career, lifestyle or behaviours. 

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The Team

Meet our amazing team.

Verity Hart

Verity Hart

Verity is a Business Change Leader with around 20 years experience advising, shaping and directing business transformation in ever changing environments. She has a breadth of experience across business operations in a number of sectors, more recently Retail focused and has a passion for bringing people together, breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration. She is a Board Trustee for the Shropshire Youth Support Trust where she chairs the Operational Subcommittee.

Verity has gathered a small, diverse and powerful team together to make We are After the Storm into a reality and is excited to make a difference both to the individuals experiencing personal change and growth, but also to be able to provide a platform for the service providers to connect with those individuals and grow their digital footprint.

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Nicola Green

Nicola Green

Nicola is a Recruitment Programme Manager with over 8 years in client facing roles, working across various sectors to solve talent-based problems across her customers. With a tenacity for over coming obstacles and a drive to deliver quality, she helps her customers source talent and build solutions of overcome their issues.

Since 2017, Nicola has volunteered with Coffee4Craig in Manchester city centre. Working with the C4C team to provide support and shelter for Manchester’s homeless community and those without access to secure housing. For the service users, C4C offers the security of a warm meal, showers, fresh clothing – those things that are so often taken for granted. Sometimes a cup of tea and chat can make someone’s day.
Having seen the impact of addiction, depression and bereavement, and with time to reflect during the Covid crisis, she was compelled to act and provide help to those who are struggling with all that life can throw at us.

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Louise Welsby

Louise Welsby

Louise is a creative, commercial marketer with a passion for communication and collaboration. She runs Buy-From®, a creative agency with a difference based in the beautiful county of Shropshire.

She listens to your story and helps create, craft, design and build your business world so that you stand out from the crowd. 20 years of communication have resulted in her leadership of a dynamic team of with an unparalleled passion for business communication and growth. She is a mentor for the Shropshire Youth Support Trust providing training and mentorship to the entrepreneurs that the charity supports and also on the National Committee for the Giftware Association.

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Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson

Carl is a senior technology leader with over 15 years’ of delivering change, build and run accountability in strategic businesses with varying levels of organisational maturity.

He has a proven track record of success in a number of key leadership roles in the ecommerce, retail and the logistics sectors and is currently leading a group IT & change function for a 14bn turnover business. He is an ambitious individual who prides himself on delivering organisational benefit through technology and business adoption.

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Our Story

There have been many events that have led to the creation of We are After the Storm, but COVID 19 was the catalyst that brought it to life. Verity and Nicola share some insight into why We are After the Storm means so much to them

Our Promise

Our After the Storm promise to you is that all the service providers who list on our site, will have gone through our 3 - point check criteria.  Due to the diversity of the services we are listing it is difficult to be too prescriptive, however we can guarantee:

We have seen and verified any qualifications that an individual / organisation says they have obtained.

We will have verified any registered Charities or Limited Companies with the Charity Commission and Companies House to ensure credibility.

We ask for a minimum of 3 client testimonials or references.

We will check all information that is populated on the Profile pages of the supplier and reserve the right to refuse a listing if the contact does not meet the criteria.


What if I need urgent help?

The is button at the top of every page that directs you to urgent support, click here.

Where is After the Storm based?

We are initially launching After the Storm in Greater Manchester, with a growth strategy to cover all of the UK.  However you will also find a large proportion of National Charities and Support organisations listed to support in the interim before we rollout further

What help do you provide?

Mental Health and Wellbeing, Addiction Support, Bereavement Support, Lifestyle and Fitness, Housing and Financial Support, Relationship Advice, Life coaching and Youth Support.

What does After the Storm Cost?

After the Storm is a free service for everyone who needs support.  If you are a service provider there are different types of membership, details can be found under our  membership structure.

Will you expand the area you support?

Yes we have a rollout plan for the rest of the UK.

Can I share my experience with After the Storm?

If you have a story or an experience that you would like us to feature,  investigate or cover as one of our blogs please do in touch hello@afterthe-storm.co.uk and tell us your ideas.  We may not be able to feature every idea that we receive but we will always be in touch to thank you for your interest.